Rod wrote his first song at 7 yrs old. Resembling the Beatles “She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”. Living in Phoenix, Arizona his mom gave him an envelope and young Rodney mailed it in to a local children’s show called Wallace and Ladmo. With no musical ability he just knew they would provide the melody to his freshly written hit lyric. No reply was ever received, but such is the music business. At 12 he saved up for an $80 sunburst arch top Harmony guitar. Lessons and calluses followed. Discovering girls and football the guitar took a backseat until he learned when coupled together, they provided attention from the opposite sex. Playing infrequently with other three chord friends he auditioned for talent shows and provided amateur entertainment for friends and relatives. At mid term of his senior year his parents decided to make a new start in Texas. Coming from the big city to a small town was extreme culture shock. “I can remember not being able to understand southern English for about 6 months until I developed my own drawl then it all made sense”. Attending college, Rod was exposed to talented musicians, some of which he still is in touch with today. Songs were written about teenage angst and questions that only experience could answer. Married at 21 soon there was news of a baby, the Peavey speakers, which were the bedroom nightstands were sold. Priorities rearranged Rod began working as a carpenter his rock star dreams put on hold. Working his way up from sweeping floors to building million dollar homes. Fast forward to present day Rod is still building and remodeling while his musical dreams are finally being pursued. While on a trip back to Phoenix the scene of his first childhood musical endeavors he connected with an old friend who had written songs throughout this time. With a mentor for guidance, the first lyric in years was put to paper. “I remember waking up one morning at 6 a.m. the words just flowed”. Thirty minutes later a songwriter was born.